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My Journey

Life is an utmost struggle and continuous learning from real-time experiments to show real strength in a real-time evniornment. I’ve been graduated from the University Of Lahore in BS Electrical Engineering. Being a Top student at University. I’ve done 10 National & International Certifications in the fields of I.T & Engineering. Scoring top score in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. I’ve been a part of Arfa Software Technology Lahore. All over the degree, I’ve been stick to only one point, To show you real YOU to this world, I’ve to focus on my own Business, where my efforts could be sustained.

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My Own Company

On 27 Nov 2019, I started NS Training in my Entrepreneurship class as a business project. People were busy making fun of my struggle in a class project. When they were to give their business idea in Entrepreneurship Class, I launched NS at National Level as I.T & Engineering Training Company.

NS Training (SMC-Pvt) Ltd has been a recognized Company in the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as leading I.T & Engineering Training and Services Company as Multi-National.

Seasoned Business Consultant

ForĀ  years, I have been actively involved in the world of business consulting, collaborating with clients from various industries and sizes. My journey has allowed me to witness firsthand the challenges businesses face and the opportunities that lie within.

Analytical Thinking
Strategic Vision

What My Clients Says

Working withDaniyal as our business consultant was a game-changer for our company. Their strategic insights, attention to detail, and ability to identify growth opportunities transformed our business.

John Doe

I cannot speak highly enough of Daniyal’s business consulting services. They provided us with a fresh perspective on our market strategy and helped us identify untapped opportunities

Jenna Smith

When it comes to financial management and analysis, Daniyal is unparalleled. They helped us gain a clear understanding of our financial data, develop accurate forecasts, and implement effective budgeting strategies.

Samuel Stevens

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